Introduction to Adaptive Recurring Billing

Recurring billing is the primary source of income for many telecommunications businesses.

Fully automated recurring billing is a critical aspect of revenue assurance because it will eliminate the many revenue leaks and billing disputes caused by manual intervention.

Unfortunately, many implementations of recurring billing are naive, and require manual intervention for even trivial use cases, such as issuing pro rata credits. Manual intervention is error-prone – especially in complex cases – and causes revenue leakage, billing errors, customer dissatisfaction and delayed cash flow. In naive systems, the more complex use cases are often overlooked, ignored, accepted as revenue loss, or escalated to management for processing.

There is a better way to spend your time.

Inomial’s Adaptive Recurring Billing automatically manages all types of billing use cases, many of which are very difficult to compute manually. Adaptive Recurring Billing allows your product rules to match your customer, technical and business requirements, reduces billing disputes, and improves cash flow though fewer errors and better assurance.

automated recurring billing software

Adaptive Recurring Billing features include:

  • Mid-cycle plan changes for upgrades, downgrades and cross-grades;
  • Pro-rata signup charges for monthly billing cycles;
  • Mid-cycle billable feature provisioning (e.g. voicemail, seniors discounts);
  • Ability to make changes at any time in the future or the past, and issue adjustments automatically;
  • Mid-cycle service termination, with pro-rata termination credits and contract termination charges;
  • Easy changes to the customer’s billing cycle (e.g. monthly to anniversary), even en masse.

This flexibility allows your business to generate the correct revenue regardless of the complexity of changes made to the recurring billing configuration of your customers.

This leads to a significant reduction in revenue leakage, errors and frustration.