Use Cases for Adaptive Recurring Billing

Adaptive Recurring Billing

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Introduction to Adaptive Recurring Billing

Introduction to The Use Cases

Service Termination in next billing cycle

A customer calls to request that a service be terminated part way through
the next billing month.

Service Termination – Pro Rata Credit

Issue a simple credit to the customer.

Charge based credits

Issue a refund based on the arbitrary amount actually charged, and not the
nominal monthly charge for the service.

Mid-Month Plan Change

Issue a pro-rata credit for the original plan, and a pro-rata debit for the new plan.

Cross-cycle refund

Issue a credit calculated pro-rata across two billing cycles of different lengths.

Change Billing Cycle – Complex Debit

Issue an adjustment debit to correctly bill for a change from calendar to
anniversary billing.

Edge Cases and Other Features

Special cases and other features of Adaptive Recurring Billing.