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billing automation

Automating Spend Management Alerts With Smile 5.4

Avoiding bill shock and sending spend management alerts are key components of the new TCP code. To help you comply with the code, Smile software 5.4 contains new tools to help you monitor and manage customer spend.

Under the code, customers must be notified when they consume 50%, 85% and 100% of their included usage. Smile billing 5.4 automatically sends usage alerts to customers when they reach these thresholds. Customers can also configure additional, custom alerts at other thresholds to help them take control of their monthly spend.

Smile 5.4 lets you monitor:

  • the physical value of included usage, such as included download limits
  • the monetary value of included usage
  • the amount that a customer spends on a particular usage type, such as premium SMS or international calls

Smile billing 5.4 is in beta and will be released in the coming months. Contact Inomial for more information about how automating payments with Inomial billing can help you meet your new compliance requirements.