Subscriber Management

Manage your contracts with Smile. Automatic calculation of termination fees, plan change restrictions and expiration reporting are all part of the package.

Smile billing includes telephone number and static IP address inventory management. Workflow management allows easy interaction with dispatch centres via email or other means. Inomial can also provide and integrate with third party warehouse inventory systems if you are managing your own inventory.

Service management includes automated ordering, provisioning and policy management tools to enable zero-touch on-boarding of customers. Smile provides notification messages over a vendor-independent messaging bus to allow extremely tight integration between Smile and your OSS, NMS, SPE, LNS, base stations, head-ends, networks and upstream providers.

Provisioning and deprovisioning can be integrated with Smile’s ordering APIs to achieve a 5-step workflow including ordering, order approval, provisioning, enablement and activation. Smile has pre-built interfaces to a number of providers. Our open, documented APIs and technical support allow your staff to build integration interfaces, or Inomial’s professional services can build it for you at a fixed cost.

With Smile’s commission management create resellers and agents, automatically compute commissions based on commission plans, and automatically issue and approve Recipient Created Tax Invoices for commission reimbursement.