Smile Software

Smile is Inomial’s real-time integrated accounting, provisioning, help desk and CRM system. Smile software helps your business by directly reducing costs, improving the effectiveness of collections, and improving cash flow control.

Automate your cash flow, provisioning and customer management. Take your subscription automation further and give your customers control to add or change services, top up balances or purchase pre-paid and manage their own account details.

Why Smile Software?

It’s about the bottom line

Smile’s automated debtor control substantially reduces the time required to perform collections, improves cash flow control and helps reduce the number of 30+ debtors. Fully integrated with Smile software, the debtor control system allows account terms to be assigned during ordering, and automatically enforces treatment levels – including late fees, barring, shaping, walled gardens and disconnection policies – based on the age of an account. As the account gets older, the policies can become more strict. The customer’s account status and access is automatically restored once the account is settled.

Combining automated debtor control with automatic credit card payment processing can reduce your aged debtors to extremely low levels, giving you the cash on hand to grow your business. Our automated payment processing system can handle all major credit cards, and integrates seamlessly and effortlessly with all of Australia’s major electronic credit card and direct debit gateways.

These features alone can reduce your debtor days, improve your cashflow and substantially reduce your debt collection costs and exposure. But there’s much more to Smile about.

It’s about the customer

Smile’s Customer Self-Service portal allows customers to make enquiries, check their usage, view invoices, and pay their account online – regardless of the number of services they have. Customers who help themselves don’t need to call – reducing your support costs and hold times while improving your customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Contract Management allows for the enforcement of contract terms and conditions, including the automatic calculation of termination fees, limitations to plan changes, and the ability to identify customers who are exiting contracts.

Taken together, these features improve customer loyalty, increase ARPU, and reduce churn and retainment costs.

pro rata billing with Smile

It’s about the network

Smile’s network automation tools give you everything you need to provision customers on your network – while improving network performance by automatically enforcing throttling and AUP. Smile allows for the automatic provisioning, re-provisioning and de-provisioning of any kind of service – including data, VoIP, PSTN, HFC and much more – on your network – and can interact with both upstream carriers and on-net equipment. This reduces errors, improves the customer experience, and reduces technical staff costs.

Fully automatic, plan-based management of data services, including speed limiting (throttling), call barring, credit limit enforcement, peak/off-peak allowances, prepaid time and data volume, and much more is available via the integrated RADIUS server, which provides reliable AAA services to the network.

It’s about support

Smile provides features and tools to keep your customers happy. The integrated CRM and helpdesk automatically checks selected email accounts for support and sales enquiries and routes them to the correct operator, making sure you never miss a contact.