Customer Self-Service

Smile software’s Customer Access Toolkit is a customisable user interface. It provides access for users to manage their own account, view usage, download invoices and make payments online, make plan changes and initiate service orders.

Smile’s APIs and processes, when integrated with your existing web site, OSS and other service providers, enable full billing automation of ordering, network provisioning and fulfilment. Where technically feasible, Smile software can integrate with third party upstream providers to enable a fully automated, zero-touch, order-to-cash solution – entirely driven by your customers.

The self-service ordering process allows provider-developed web pages to be used by end-users to order new services. The entire ordering process can be automated from the time the order is received by the Smile API to the acceptance of payment and delivery of the service.

Self-service ordering reduces handling costs, reduces errors and improves customer satisfaction.

Plan changes are automatically managed and allow customers to help themselves to select upgrades, cross-grades and, when out of contract, downgrades. Charges can be automatically raised for the plan change and applied in the next billing cycle.

Self-service plan changes reduce costs and improve customer satisfaction by allowing users to make changes as they see fit, without involving a CSR. Self-service top-ups increase revenue by allowing customers to purchase more services on demand, and the ability to upgrade mid-cycle increases revenue by allowing customers to make impulse decisions to upgrade their service.