BigRating is a high-performance, real-time rating and policy management engine. It calculates charges and costs in real time for telephone CDRs, meter readings, resource consumption, billable events and more, with a sophisticated subscription billing model and generic, rules based policy manager to enable bandwidth shaping, walled gardens, terminal message display, and other real time user management features.

Fast and versatile

Although BigRating works well with traditional RDBMS systems, a key design principal of BigRating was to ensure that it could also operate with so-called “BigData” stores such as HBase or Cassandra. These data stores allow the low-cost, high-performance, high-availability storage and processing of data sets far larger than a traditional single-server RDBMS can deal with – perfect for telecommunications data storage and analysis.

The ability to use BigData stores and to rate very large amounts of data in real time, gave BigRating its name.


  • Real-time multidimensional rule-based event rating with simultaneous independent cost, charge, and reconciliation rating of events.
  • Real-time subscription oriented recurring billing with fully automatic pro rata calculation (including credits and reversals) and sophisticated accounting integration patterns).
  • Supports consolidated billing of disparate services when integrated with a consolidating accounts receivable system, such as Smile software.

Advantages of real-time rating

Real-time rating has a number of important advantages over batch rating, including:

  • Speed – because rating is performed throughout the billing cycle, the end-of-month billing run doesn’t have to process CDRs. Billing takes minutes, instead of hours or days.
  • Performance – real-time rating spreads the work load throughout the month instead of concentrating it in a single day at the end of the billing cycle. This means that server performance requirements are reduced.
  • Customer service – because BigRating keeps track of the customer’s invoice throughout the billing cycle, it can easily and automatically alert the end-user to overuse, over spend and/or credit limit breaches as soon as they occur; for example, to support Australia’s Telecommunication Customer Protection code.


BigRating integrates with existing billing systems and accounting systems via an enterprise service bus and WSDL based SOAP APIs.

BigRating requires integration with an event source such as a mediation engine, a storage mechanism and an invoicing service.