Accounts Receivable

As well as managing your billing, Smile software provides your accounts receivables solution. Automated billing payments and collections with general ledger integration. Multi currency is handled with no fuss.

Credit card surcharges can be raised automatically when a card is used to pay an account. Smile billing accepts funds from multiple clearance gateways.

Reduce your exposure to post-paid debtors via consolidated accounts receivable including invoice presentation, late notices, automated account treatment and payment plan management for indebted customers.

Automatic reminders and policy enforcement help customers to remember to pay their bills on time, and ensure that your business debt policies are automatically enforced. Smile software identifies customers who have forgotten to pay their bills, and will automatically send a series of reminders to the customer until the customer pays. The reminder format and frequency can be configured to meet your needs.

Smile billing will automatically escalate the action taken for a customer who refuses to pay. Defined actions included escalation to a call centre, or policy enforcement such as service restriction or suspension, and paywalls.

Late fees can be raised automatically against customers and are issued on the next invoice.

If a customer has trouble paying, a payment plan can be created for the customer which stops action from being taken against the account while the payment plan is being honoured by the customer. However, if the customer fails to honour a payment within a certain grace period, the account will automatically revert to the appropriate policy or action. Payment plans improve customer retention and debt recovery by providing a fair and automatically enforced means of resolving a payment issue, without needing to terminate the relationship with the customer.