Your billing works.

Your plans and services are in place. Orders are managed through your workflow process. Customer information is recorded. Usage is collected in real-time and charges calculated. If usage limits are reached then your policy management rules take effect. Notifications and warnings go out when needed. Invoices are generated and sent. Electronic payments taken. Action is taken on delinquent accounts. Your contracts, number and IP inventory and commissions are all set. Your customers can even manage or change their plan needs themselves. Charges are adjusted and applied for plan changes without fuss. Your accounts people receive the reports they want.

You don’t need to touch anything, unless you want to.

That’s zero-touch customer on-boarding, pro rata billing and service management.

That’s automatic billing. That’s Smile software.

Smile Software Features

Smile software has over 300 features that all contribute to the goal of automatic billing, policy management, reconciliation and settlement. You can make use of the features that you need to achieve your business goals.

Policy Management

Call barring
Shaping and throttling
Access restriction
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Subscription Billing

BigRating usage billing
Advanced recurring billing
Prepaid usage
Termination, call collection, inbound and outbound call rating
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Accounts Receivable

GL integration
Payment automation
Collection automation
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Subscriber Management

Contract management
IP inventory
Number inventory
Order management
Video on demand / on demand charging
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Workflow management
Spend and usage notifications
TCP compliance
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Industry specific provisioning and integration
Integration API
Head end integration
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Customer Self-Service

Customer self-service portal
Account and service signup
Top-ups and prepaid
Account Management
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Inter-Carrier Billing

Reconciliation and settlement
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Data Collection

SNMP Flow control
Netflow Flow control
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Data cubes
Report builder
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