Smile Billing System Monitoring and Support

As a company we take great pride in the quality of service we provide our customers. The Inomial team genuinely cares about the quality of the experience you have with us. We are particularly proud of the attention to detail which extends through all of our interactions with you – from under-the-hood architecture and implementation of technical solutions through to our exchanges with you from our sales, deployment and support departments.

One often overlooked, yet greatly appreciated, aspect of our service is the level of systems monitoring we do on your behalf. In particular, monitoring of service usage like CDRs or similar.

When you create a service in Smile software and begin receiving a data feed from your supplier, even if you are only testing, our monitoring tools recognise both the new service and recent activity. These tools report to our support desk, monitoring if the activity is ongoing within given parameters. If service usage should stop and remain inactive long enough our support desk is alerted and required to act. This is likely to result in an enquiry to your technical contact asking if the lack of data files is expected.

Such a sensitive monitoring system is fantastic as it aggressively picks up issues in an otherwise invisible part of a billing system, but a sensitive monitoring system may also result in false alerts. In Smile billing, service usage monitoring is initiated when you raise a new service and import testing data against it. If the tests are irregular enough our monitors alert our support desk and we then need to determine whether you are testing a new service or if you have a legitimately irregular service. Only a conversation with your technical contact can help resolve this. Upon advice, we are happy to alter the parameters that trigger alerts to ensure they are useful, valid and not ignored. We can only do this in consultation with you.

Adding new services to the Smile billing system is an exciting time. Your business is expanding into a new market or changing to take advantage of a new feature. We would like to help you make the most of this by matching the monitoring of the new service with an appropriate alert response. If you’d like to let us know about when you’re raising a new service for testing or when the service goes from test to production you are welcome to e-mail your contact in our deployments team or contact or phone +61 3 9663 3554.