Smile Billing simplifies TCP Code implementation

Today, Inomial announced the release of Smile software 5.4, the latest version of its automated billing, rating and assurance application for telcos, ISPs and utilities. Developed in response to the TCP code changes, this major update introduces TCP compliance, extensive API updates and new spend management tools.

Smile 5.4 introduces value pools to help you track the included value that customers consume each month. If a customer uses a predefined amount of their value pool, Smile software automatically sends them an alert. You can customise the format and frequency of the alerts, allowing you to tailor notifications to each customer’s needs.

Spend limits restrict the amount a customer can spend on a usage type. By applying an action after the spend limit is reached, Smile billing helps reduce consumer bill shock. For example, a customer can no longer make overseas calls after they reach an international calls spend limit of $100. If a customer needs a higher spend limit, just increase the limit for that customer.

Smile 5.4 also includes more than 20 new APIs. Use the new APIs to access spend management tools over a SOAP interface and seamlessly integrate these tools with your existing applications. Enhancements to the helpdesk, workflow and ordering systems are also included in this release, including the ability to start a workflow by raising a ticket.