Smile News – September 2015

subscription billing

subscription billing Responsive credit control
If a customer consistently pays late, Smile software can automatically change the account terms to stricter terms. You can set rules based on how long and how many invoices are overdue, the amount overdue and the action to take. When they become a better paying customer their terms will automatically improve. Coming in Smile software 6.0.

automated recurring billing Future billing
You can view future invoices that includes usage charges in the current rating period, and recurring and deferred charges for future rating periods at an account level – previously only available at the subscription billing level. Coming in Smile 6.0.

automated recurring billing Read-only user account information
Smile software permissions generally allow a user to use a given capability or not. In the case of the Account Contact tab this has meant that operators who were given access to this tab could see and update an Account’s contact details. From Smile 5.4.24 you can elect to give an operator read-only access to the information on the Contact tab, instead of only full or no access.
billing cycles New in the Smile Software API:

  • getCostCentres()
  • raiseInvoice()
  • getFutureBilling()
  • purchase orders
  • invoice grouping
billing as a service Smile 6
Our development of Smile 6 is progressing. We’re currently using Smile 6 internally to iron out any kinks, ensure it has the all the new functionality we believe you deserve and still does everything you expect.
Contact Inomial if you’d like to know more about any of Smile’s latest enhancements and features.
billing as a service
automated billing system automated billing system billing platform billing platform

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