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automatic billing platform Managing Prepaid in Smile Billing
Prepaid lets customers pay in advance to use a service, for example, voice or data. Each customer who uses prepaid must have an account in Smile. You can restrict your prepaid offerings to customers on specific plans, or by time of day or week. For example, you may offer a prepaid deal that can only be used between midnight and 6am, or on a weekend or public holiday.Subscription billing can be both prepaid and postpaid. You can configure prepaid so that it is consumed only after a customer uses their included monthly value.You can use the following methods to add prepaid to a subscription:

  • vouchers—customers buy a prepaid voucher and redeem it at a later time.
  • operator entry—customers buy prepaid from a Smile operator.
  • CAT—customers buy prepaid through the Customer Access Toolkit.
  • API—customers buy prepaid through a custom application.

Your Smile billing administrators can create two different types of prepaid:

  • prepaid units—for example, 5 GB or 100 minutes. This prepaid type expires when all the units are consumed or the expiry date of the prepaid block is reached.
  • prepaid length of time—for example, unlimited access for three months. This prepaid type expires when the prepaid expiry date is reached.

You can create prepaid for any type of unit except cost, for example, data, minutes or faxes. Smile does not support prepaid currency.

For more information about configuring prepaid, see the Smile User Guide
pro rata Account Types
Account types help you report on different groups of accounts in your company. For example, an organisation that owns several companies may have a different account type for each company, or your company may have different account types for tax exempt and non-tax exempt accounts. Account types apply to some financial and credit control reports, including the sales report, trial balance report and aged debtors report. You choose the account type to report on when you generate the report, or you can generate a report for all account types.An account’s account type is defined in the package you use to order the account. You can change this default account type after the account is created.

pro rata View an account’s payment history
The Payment Settings page lists the history and status of all attempted payments for an account, and the account’s default payment method.To view the payment history of an account, on the Account Menu Tree, click the to the left of Account, then click Payment Settings.The Payment Settings page is displayed. This page lists the status of all attempted and pending payments for the account. Click View next to a payment for more information about the payment.

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About Inomial
Inomial develops automatic billing and subscription billing solutions for carriers, utilities and enterprises. Our products include Smile software, an integrated AR and recurring billing platform; BigRating, for real-time, scaleable and flexible voice and data rating and invoice generation for any kind of usage; Federadius, for high performance, fault tolerant, distributed RADIUS Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA); and FlowControl, an integrated NetFlow and SNMP polling collector and aggregator.
Contact Inomial if you’d like to know more about any of Smile’s latest enhancements and features.
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