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automatic billing platform Inomial and DGIT Systems win TMForum Catalyst Award for Outstanding Open Architecture and API Design

We were excited to be a Catalyst participant at the recent TMForum Live! 2017 event in Nice, France. TMForum catalysts are rapid fire, member-driven, proof-of-concept projects which both inform and leverage TM Forum best practices and standards, connecting service providers, technology suppliers, and global enterprises to create truly thought-leading and innovative solutions to industry challenges.

The vendor team of Inomial and DGIT Systems worked with international carriers Orange, PCCW Global and Vodafone to develop a proof of concept partnering platform for MEF (Metro Ethernet Forum) services. Inomial provided the billing system necessary to deliver a fully automated order-to-cash process for MEF service delivery across multiple partners, in order to demonstrate the feasibility of a standards-based customer self-service platform for global ethernet services.

DGIT Systems’ Telflow product was used to create a proof-of-concept portal which allowed a customer order to be automatically fulfilled across multiple partner networks, using the MEF Sonata interface. A single customer order for a UNI (Ethernet endpoint) could automatically generate multiple partner orders for OVC-UNI, OVC-ENNI and other infrastructure services from multiple partners.

Smile billing was configured to receive real-time event messages from Telflow. Upon successful fulfilment of the order, Telflow would notify Smile of the order components using a standards based (TMF) JSON message. Smile would then automatically generate a set of subscriptions matching the virtual network topology computed by Telflow, and immediately raise a pro rata invoice against the customer’s account.

We had the opportunity to demonstrate the platform to more than 80 teams during the four days of the forum and we were honoured to be awarded the Catalyst Award for Outstanding Open Architecture and API Design for our work on this project.

Below: Inomial’s Mark Lillywhite with DGIT’s Mark Spoelstra proudly display their Catalyst Award
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pro rata Commissions in Smile

In Smile billing, you can pay commission on accounts, subscriptions and charge types. Smile software supports leading commission and trailing commission types.

Smile uses three entities to manage commissions:

  • commission earners—represent a person who is paid commission.
  • commission structures—specify the commission rates that you pay to a commission earner.
  • agents—associate a commission structure with a commission earner.

Each agent contains one or more commission earners, and each commission earner is associated with a commission structure. Agents let you easily assign multiple commission earners to the same account or subscription.

Smile uses recipient created tax invoices (RCTIs) to track the commission due to each commission earner. An RCTI is an invoice to your company from a commission earner requesting payment. To simplify your accounting, Smile generates RCTIs on behalf of commission earners during the billing run.

Difficulties can sometimes be encountered by Smile administrators when attempting to make changes to their existing commission structures and assignation of agents. For information about configuring and making changes to commissions in Smile check out the Commissions in Smile – Quick Reference Guide.

subscription automation Smile software 6.0.9 has been released:
This release includes 3 features and 2 enhancements.

  • Added support for importing customer’s payment details from CBA BPoint
  • Added support for CBA BPoint Direct Debit payments
  • Introduced Tax Treatments which allow different line items to be taxed at different rates
  • Optus Wholesale Gateway CDR Importer (FTP) importers now support multiple services
  • Added a new description for InfoTranz failure code 76 for ‘Cease sale due to service in NBN area’
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About Inomial
Inomial develops automatic billing and subscription billing solutions for carriers, utilities and enterprises. Our products include Smile software, an integrated AR and recurring billing platform; BigRating, for real-time, scaleable and flexible voice and data rating and invoice generation for any kind of usage; Federadius, for high performance, fault tolerant, distributed RADIUS Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA); and FlowControl, an integrated NetFlow and SNMP polling collector and aggregator.
Contact Inomial if you’d like to know more about any of Smile’s latest enhancements and features.
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