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billing software Revoke access to Smile Billing
Barring or locking a subscription lets you revoke a customer’s access to a subscription and affects a subscription’s recurring charges, as follows:

  • barring a subscription—blocks access to a subscription, but continues charging recurring charges. For example, if a customer does not pay an invoice, you can bar their access to a subscription until the invoice is paid. Barring ensures the customer cannot use the subscription, but also ensures that you continue to charge any monthly access fees for the subscription.
  • locking a subscription—blocks access to a subscription and no longer charges recurring charges. For example, you can lock a subscription if a customer is going on holiday and wants to pause their subscription while they are away.

Smile billing may automatically bar and unbar a subscription when it takes credit control actions against an overdue account.

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pro rata Change an invoice due date
Changing the invoice due date lets you correct invoice errors, or extend the due date for customers who are having trouble paying their invoice balance. Smile software recalculates the invoice and account disposition after you change an invoice due date. If the account or invoice disposition changes, Smile takes the appropriate credit control actions.To change the date, open the invoice in Smile.
Click change to the right of the Due field.
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In the Change due date window, enter the new due date in the New due date field and click Set.
prorata How a Smile billing run works
During the billing run, Smile creates and sends invoices then schedules automatic payments. Understanding how the billing run works helps you answer customer enquiries and gain a better understanding of Smile software. Billing runs can occur daily, monthly or at other intervals, and are scheduled on a cycle that suits your company. Before the billing run begins, you import usage data into Smile. The billing run has six stages:

  1. Rating and invoice generation—Smile applies the relevant plan charges to each subscription’s usage records, creates an invoice for each account that has charges and applies discounts, tax and rounding to the invoice.
  2. Error correction—A staff member fixes any errors in the invoices.
  3. Approval—If required, an approver reviews and approves the invoices.
  4. Reprocessing—Smile reprocesses and corrects any invoices that had errors or were not approved.
  5. Dispatch—Smile sends the invoices to customers.
  6. Payment processing—Smile processes automatic payments, for example, automatic credit card payments or direct debits.

After the automatic payments are processed, Smile allocates each payment receipt to the appropriate invoice.

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Inomial develops automatic billing and subscription billing solutions for carriers, utilities and enterprises. Our products include Smile software, an integrated AR and recurring billing platform; BigRating, for real-time, scaleable and flexible voice and data rating and invoice generation for any kind of usage; Federadius, for high performance, fault tolerant, distributed RADIUS Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA); and FlowControl, an integrated NetFlow and SNMP polling collector and aggregator.
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