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billing platforms Smile billing system monitoring and support

One often overlooked, yet greatly appreciated, aspect of our service is the level of systems monitoring we do on your behalf. In particular, monitoring of service usage like CDRs or similar.

When you create a service in Smile software and begin receiving a data feed from your supplier, even if you are only testing, our monitoring tools recognise both the new service and recent activity. These tools report to our support desk, monitoring if the activity is ongoing within given parameters. We would like to help you make the most of this by matching the monitoring of a service with an appropriate alert response.

billing system software Configuring credit control in Smile software

Credit control is the process of methodically communicating with customers to ensure the steady and timely collection of accounts receivable. Communications progress from gentle reminders to more purposeful letters and other allowable collection options as accounts become further past due. Credit control in Smile software specifies one or more sets of accounting terms, treatment levels and actions triggered as the account’s unpaid debts age.

To create a credit control process in Smile multiple components need to be defined and then brought together or linked. The Credit Control – Quick Reference Guide steps you through an example sequence to create a credit control process.

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subscription billing system Congratulations!

Congratulations to Inomial’s Andrew Filiopoulos and his partner Laura on the safe arrival of their second daughter.

Olivia, weighing in over 3kgs, is doing well.

Welcome Olivia!

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billing cycle New in the Smile API:

  • reschedulePaymentWithNewDetails() – reschedules a payment to a specified time with specified new payment details.
  • cancelScheduledPayment() – cancels a scheduled payment.
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saas iaas paas About Inomial

Inomial develops automatic billing and subscription billing solutions for carriers, utilities and enterprises. Our products include Smile software, an integrated AR and recurring billing platform; BigRating, for real-time, scaleable and flexible voice and data rating and invoice generation for any kind of usage; Federadius, for high performance, fault tolerant, distributed RADIUS Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA); and FlowControl, an integrated NetFlow and SNMP polling collector and aggregator.
Smile manages every step, from initial ordering to provisioning, rating, billing, issue resolution and account settlement. Smile integrates CRM, credit card processing, throttling, and RADIUS. Inomial helps you achieve the goal of zero-touch customer on-boarding, billing and service management.
Contact Inomial if you’d like to know more about any of Smile’s latest enhancements and features.
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