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flow control Notification schedules

Notification schedules allow you to configure when notifications from Smile software are sent. A schedule defines the rules for which days of the week and during which hours notifications can be sent.

For example, a schedule could determine that notifications are sent any day or the week, but only during the hours of 8am to 9pm, to ensure that SMSes are not sent and received in middle of the night.

A schedule can also specify exclusions that override the regular scheduled days and times. A notification can be sent by email, SMS and print. Notifications not assigned a schedule are sent immediately.

pro rata Managing an account dispute

When an account is being disputed, Smile billing provides a mechanism to manage dispatches and credit control processes until the dispute has been resolved.

When an account is set as in dispute:

  • automatic dispatch of invoices and other notifications are deferred
  • automatic payments are disabled
  • if applicable, credit control actions such as payment reminders are deferred
  • the account is clearly marked as in dispute in the account’s Account Balance panel
  • an account’s Document Dispatch page will display which dispatches are disabled.

Dispatches can still be sent manually while an account is in dispute.

prorata Payment plans

Payment plans let customers pay outstanding balances in agreed installments. For example, if a customer cannot pay a $90 invoice, you can create a payment plan so they pay the invoice in nine installments of $10 instead.

After you create a payment plan, Smile software suspends credit control actions against all invoices in the plan. Smile lets you configure specific credit control actions for missed payment plan payments, otherwise Smile takes the default credit control actions for the account if a customer misses a payment.

Smile does not automatically include new invoices in payment plans. If you issue a new invoice after you create a payment plan for a customer, the customer must pay the new invoice and the payment plan payments.

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