Smile 6.1.7 Released

Smile software 6.1.7 has been released. This release includes 2 features and 10 enhancements.


  • Added IP address (including IPv6) support to number pools
  • Added the ability to configure stationery for surcharges


  • Added the ability to deprecate package plans
  • Added the ability to extract a USN from inbound help desk e-mail subject line and link ticket to that account/subscription
  • Added the ability to preview stationery in the stationery editor
  • Added new permissions for adding subscriptions, reimbursements, editing tax eligibility.
  • Minor improvements to future billing and pending charges pages
  • Added Payment API to get auto payment option and can now reschedule declined payments via AP
  • Added new invoice email template substitution code {invoiceUUID} for invoice UUID
  • Added ability to change the ordered contract of a subscription that hasn’t yet been activated
  • Re-run auto payments when new payment details come in from import
  • Added email address to Overdue Accounts report

Minor fixes and changes to custom code are not included in this summary.