Smile 6.0.10 released

Smile software 6.0.10 has been released. This release includes 12 enhancements.


  • Added auto expand in Analytics tree when searching
  • Added support for validation of 2-series Mastercard credit cards
  • Added the ID to package plan list view
  • Added the IP address information to detailed data usage view
  • Added new document type for prepaid usage warning
  • Add new option for NAS configuration – Discard usage data from unknown sessions
  • Telcoinabox CDR importer can now detect data usage CDRs based on tariff code
  • Added ability to dispatch individual or small trial batches of notices
  • Added {gst} and {amountExGst} substitution codes to Adjustment documents
  • smile02 schema now has a format_bigint() function for formatting quantities
  • SQL Analytics reports can now explicitly specify left or right column alignment
  • Cost Centre now listed in alphabetical order

Minor fixes and changes to custom code are not included in this summary.