Smile 6.0.0 released

Smile software 6.0.0 has been released. This release includes 16 features and 20 enhancements.


  • Manual management for Westpac credit card gateway
  • Flexible CSV-based invoice charge importer
  • SOAP API for migrating an invoice from one account to another
  • Invoices detail columns added to stationery types
  • Users can be redirected to external application for ordering subscriptions
  • Manual management for Westpac direct debit gateway
  • Westpac RECall BPay payment importer
  • Analytics reports have individual access control lists for managing permissions
  • Subscription Migrator to import subscriptions from a CSV
  • Notification scheduling to control when notifications are sent
  • Flexible CSV importer
  • Expiring purchase orders report
  • Responsive credit control
  • View future invoices for entire accounts through user interface or SOAP API
  • Purchase order support
  • View future billing on an entire account


  • Alert level information in Account Summary and Transaction List
  • New message bus topic SmileChargeTopic; sends DeferredChargeMsg when deferred charges are created
  • Search for custom field on accounts, subscriptions and invoice line items
  • Custom fields on invoice line items
  • AAPT CTOP importer now uses ‘special field 1’ as username for ‘Softswitch as a Service’ records by default
  • Custom field codes are auto-generated if not provided and they will be unique and contain valid characters
  • Support for a street type suffix Billing address Street address
  • Support for SFTP when using Westpac direct debit payment gateway
  • Credit control account treatment levels will only be escalated whenever new recurring task updateDispositionsTask runs
  • Ability to raise a surcharge via document action
  • Add start date to purchase order configuration
  • New notifications in Credit Control for when an invoice, receipt or RCTI is raised
  • Notifications support for printing
  • New SOAP API for plan configuration and charging rule overrides are now returned/requested in PlanScheduleItem elements in SOAP API response/request
  • Payment declined message body on SmileTransactionTopic contains more detailed information about payment failure
  • Ability to define declined payment emails and SMSs in credit control configuration
  • New SOAP API method WSSubscription.findSubscriptions(); takes same argument type as findSubscription() but can return multiple matches.
  • hasPurchaseOrderNumber document flag field for invoices can be used to conditionally display fields only when there is a purchase order number
  • Ability to exclude a line item from rolling up
  • Ability to create and modify invoice groupings for an account

Minor fixes and changes to custom code are not included in this summary of Smile 6.