Smile 5.4.26 released

Smile software 5.4.26 has been released. This release includes 9 enhancements to Smile billing.


  • New SOAP APIs for listing available plans
  • Added real time rating support to CDR Importers (does not include support for reversal or cancellation CDRs)
  • New SOAP APIs for service destinations and tariff types. Tariff overrides are now returned/requested in PlanScheduleItem elements in SOAP API response/request
  • SOAP API support for listing incomplete provision requests on a subscription
  • Added notifications support in credit control treatment level actions
  • Credit control treatment action Raise Fee (formerly known as Raise Percentage Fee) can now also raise fixed-amount late fees.
  • Added ability to edit start and end dates on invoice line items
  • Added Invoice Stationery table to list transactions since last invoice
  • Hide ratings from RTR subscriptions that have replaced by a re-rate

Minor fixes and changes to custom code are not included in this summary for Smile billing.