Smile 5.4.25 released

Smile software 5.4.25 has been released. This release includes the ability to configure custom fields on manual invoice line items, a Point payment reconciler and 6 enhancements.


  • Added support for configuring custom fields on manual invoice line items
  • Added BPoint payment reconciliation


  • Updated the SOAP API method Account.getTransactionList() to filter transactions by date
  • Added new invoice document fields for adjustments/surcharges with/without GST, charges and GST since last invoice.
  • Added hasPurchaseOrderNumber document flag field for invoices; can be used to conditionally display fields only when there is a purchase order number.
  • Charge from/to date columns now shown for charge items when viewing invoices in the user interface
  • On-net call on home network tariff code prefix now configurable for Optus Wholesale Gateway CDR Importer
  • BPoint driver now populates CRN1-CRN3 fields with account USN, alternate account number and list of invoice numbers when processing a payment.

Minor fixes and changes to custom code are not included in this summary.