Smile 5.4.18 released

Smile software 5.4.18 has been released. This is a maintenance release that includes key improvements and bug fixes.


  • Added SOAP API for managing simple recurring charges (user auto-charges)
  • Added SOAP API for managing automated subscription contracts
  • Added ability to update the expiry field for token based NAB Transact payment methods without requiring the credit card number
  • Added a new Inomial RADIUS attribute for marking accounting packets as ignorable
  • Added SOAP API CRM.getTickets() to get all tickets that belong to an account
  • Added SOAP API CRM.runTicketAction() to run a ticket action on a ticket
  • Updated AAPT CTOP importer to allow called/caller/usernames to be converted to E.164
  • Added SOAP API Payment.recordFailedPayment() to record failed payment in Smile
  • Added ability to override the default invoicing and rating cycle at the service level
  • Added SOAP getPayment method for getting information about a payment
  • Updated SOAP getTransactions method to include pending payment reference if the transaction has one


  • Added ability to select a simpler tariff code generation scheme for AAPT CTOP importer
  • Additional views in the public schema exposing plan schedule and tickets
  • Added new functions in Public SQL Smile01 schema to get subscription current plan and plan at a particular time
  • UI Enhancements to make account and subscription fields always visible in a ticket
  • Added ability to display token when viewing a customers payment details

Noteworthy bug fixes

  • Fixed a miscalculation in Big Rating when crossing daylight savings boundaries
  • Resolved an issue that caused RADIUS to process slowly when transitioning between peak and off-peak times
  • Resolved an issue that would sometimes cause RADIUS to stop processing accounting packets for a time after a plan change
  • Removed permissions granted erroneously to various groups
  • Payment details now uses display name instead of company name for ‘Entered by’ and ‘Cleared by’ fields
  • Fixed an issue that caused updating prepaid via SOAP API to not record the adjustment in the prepaid history
  • Fixed a bug where the trial balance report could fetch the wrong accounts when the account type was specified
  • Fixed a bug that caused invoices to fail to print with a specific credit control setup

Minor bug fixes and changes to custom code are not included in this summary.