Smile 5.3.13, 5.3.14, 5.3.15 – release note summary

Smile software 5.3.15 has been released. This is a maintenance release that includes key improvements and bug fixes to Smile billing.

Smile Software Enhancements

  • Added the ability to specify that a contract value should be based on a percentage of the plan recurring charges (defaults to 100%).
  • Transfer instead of Porting of CTS Service.
  • Improvement to the call listings summary for voice subscriptions.
  • Support for Glassfish version

Noteworthy bug fixes

  • Fixed rare race condition when creating an invoice.
  • Improvements to the permissions on some forms accessible by Smile software operators.
  • Resolve a possible conflict between prerating and billing.
  • Removed possibilities for deadlocks in the pre-rate task.
  • Fixed a bug that was resulting in the Confirm message not being displayed in IE 9.0 which was stoping payment in CAT.
  • CAT now excludes pending payments from the amount to pay when offering to put through a payment straight after a customer updates their stored payment details.
  • Ticket description was not saved if a ticket was closed immediately after adding the ticket.

Minor bug fixes and changes to custom code are not included in this summary.