Smile 5.3.11, 5.3.12 – release note summary

Smile software 5.3.12 has been released. This is a maintenance release that includes key improvements and bug fixes.

Smile Software Enhancements

  • Improvements to the customisable sales report. Produces better status updates when generating a report.
  • Fixed browser display problem in Firefox where rows could overlap in customisable sales report.
  • Old TaskLog entries are now auto purged to reduce database size.
  • Xero error messages now have more detail.
  • Added the ability to force credit control dispatches into the dispatch queues rather than going directly out.
  • User interface improvements to the Advanced Search-Send Email screen.
  • User interface improvements to send email screen.
  • Ability added to mark multiple items as unchangeable at once.
  • Active Radius connections now shows child subscriptions individually.
  • Traditional Sales Report now wraps category labels rather than truncating.
  • Manual recurring charge default changed to 1 period in advance rather than in arrears.
  • Ability added to force strong passwords for services.
  • Ability added to override the global ABN and company name fields for specific CAT customer portal service.
  • New auto approval limit for credits distinct from debits.
  • Report menu reformatted for easier use.
  • New conditional usage alert stationery field for over 100% making it possible to send different email text for above and below 100% usage.
  • Unassociated Billing Items Report now allows an operator to manually associate unknown billing items with existing subscriptions even if the username does not match.

Performance Improvement

  • Various indexes added to tables to help improve the performance in payments billing processing dashboard statistics.
  • Billing run performance improved.

Noteworthy bug fixes

  • Fixed caching bug in customisable sales report that required generating more than once when cloning a report.
  • Added permissions to Sales per Account Report.
  • Prevent billing/rating from occurring more than once at a time for each account.
  • Popup windows used in payments in CAT fixed for IE9.
  • Processing a billing period from an Account could happen twice if triggered from two separate logins.
  • API Activity Batch method fixed.
  • Calendar partially hidden while setting dates on an invoice in some browsers.
  • Change UCN to USN on home screen.
  • Events tab optimisations.
  • ‘Not Due’ ageing title relabelled ‘Current’ when ageing periods are in due date mode to be more consistent with general accounting practices.
  • Fixed agedBalanceOverdue stationery field for statements.
  • Processing Australia Post bill pay import files when the payment amount is less than the surcharge would cause processing to fail.
  • RADIUS accounting occasionally waiting for billing to complete.
  • Customisable Sales report would not generate correctly the first time after cloning.

Minor bug fixes and changes to custom code are not included in this summary.