Smile 5.2.5 is Now in Beta

We’ve just promoted Smile 5.2.5 to beta. Smile software 5.2.5 is mostly a maintenance release, but there’re a couple of noteworthy new features:

New Features

  • Work Queues view of the help desk
  • This new feature gives a high level view of what’s going on in help desk.
  • Changes to the Password Manager
  • The password manager now allows you to search for subscriptions meaning you don’t have to look through a few pages to find the subscription billing whose password you need to change.


  • Searching for an IP address in the IP Pool list page will now return any IP pool that contains that IP address
  • Account administrators may now delete contracts
  • Adds ticket description to ticket summary CSV
  • The Powertel Ebill importer now supports importing from two different sources
  • Small cleanup of Smile billing operator page
  • Significantly improves RADIUS server performance after a Smile restart

Noteworthy Bug Fixes

  • Fixes the CAT login page to honour domain detection configuration
  • Fixes a problem viewing Flow Control activity if there is usage after the subscription has been closed
  • Fixes a bug in the calendar where moving to the next month would sometimes move you two months
  • Updates the RBA exchange rate poller to cope with the feed’s new format
  • Various bug fixes to the AAPT CDR importer
  • Fixes a problem searching for “All transaction types” on the the transaction search report
  • Fixes an error preventing the addition of service features from credit control when the feature is present against the subscription but has ended
  • Fixes a problem sometimes stopping the billing run when Smile software is configured to automatically allocate all debits

Please note that minor bug fixes and changes to custom code may not be included in the above release notes.

Smile billing 5.2.5 is expected to remain in beta for a few weeks as we continue to test it before we can consider it stable.