Billing System Services

Nobody cares more about getting your billing right than Inomial. We provide consulting, customisation, project management, migration and go-live services to ensure your automated billing project is a success.

Inomial develops billing software and provides services to support the goal of automatic billing, policy management, reconciliation and settlement. The foundation of Smile is a collection of SOAP APIs that allow for integration into your infrastructure, regardless of the platform. We believe Smile software should integrate with your business, not the other way around.

What operations or processes a customer wants to automate or replace will be different from business to business. Inomial works with you to determine business requirements and undertake gap analysis. We can plan your migration to Smile software from initial design, execution, through to ongoing support for evolving business models.

After the go-live, Inomial continues to provide the highest level of customer support in the industry, including technical assistance, electronic monitoring and 24×7 emergency support for serious issues. And if you need to talk to a developer all you need to do is call.

Contact Inomial to discuss your automated billing and subscription billing requirements.

Business Analysis

Identify your business needs and problems that need solutions.
Strategic planning.
Process and policy development.

Requirements Analysis

Document actionable, measurable and testable business needs.
Production of clear, complete and consistent needs.

Gap Analysis

Comparison of actual
performance to expected or
desired performance.

Software Development

Rapid and flexible development using Agile methodologies.
Partner-driven, collaborative development.
Use of the most efficient, robust and flexible technologies.

Project Management

Adherence to Agile through Scrum.
Planning, implementation, monitoring and control.
Risk and resource management.


End-to-End planning and
Conversion and integration.
Data verification and testing.


Holistic training approach.
User and administration application training.
Mutual expectations of contract and project delivery.
Agile project methodology.