Office Locations in Smile

New in Smile 6 are office locations. Office locations are a list of physical locations. These locations identify the location of a Smile software operator or a sale location of an invoice line item.

Smile operator location

A Smile operator’s location is set in their operator account profile. The selected location will be used as the default when the operator creates invoice line items.

Capabilities determine if an operator can change their default location or the location of other operators.

The following screenshot displays an example of locations available to a logged in Smile operator in the Smile software Menu Bar.

subscription billing

Transaction item location

When an operator creates an invoice line item the location is automatically populated from the operator’s default. The operator may optionally change a location if there is more than one location to choose from and the operator has the capability to do so.

The following screenshot of the Smile software Add Item window displays the sale location field.

automatic billing