New In Ticket Workflows – Auto-Associate an Account or Subscription to a Ticket

In Smile billing you can configure a support email address that is monitored and when an email is received, Smile can automatically create a helpdesk ticket and reply to the sender with details of their ticket. This functionality has now been expanded.

Smile software can now identify an account or subscription USN in the email subject. If the email subject matches the regular expression in your Smile’s Incoming email configuration Smile will create a ticket with the account or subscriptions details.

Smile will then look to the account information which holds the email address of the person(s) to be notified of the tickets creation. These email addresses are added to the account in custom fields. Multiple email addresses can be defined for notification.

This type of workflow can be used by a network device advising of a network outage or issue relating to a specific account or subscription. Smile logs the issue for tracking and support, and the relevant or affected users are notified of the issue.


  • Incoming email is to be turned into a helpdesk ticket
  • Email subject will contain #USN, for example #201928192
  • USN could refer to an account or a subscription
  • If the reference is an account then the ticket is linked to account only, if the reference is to a subscription, then it’s linked to the subscription AND account
  • If a USN is not present in the email, a ticket and email response to the email sender will be created as per the previous default workflow
  • If a USN is present, but no reply-to addresses are defined in the account settings the response notification will be sent to the email sender

To implement this additional functionality:

  1. Add a reply-to custom field to accounts
  2. Populate the reply-to custom fields with appropriate email addresses
  3. Add a regular expression pattern to the Support email address Account/subscription USN regular expression field

For assistance with setting up this workflow, please contact Inomial support.