New in Inomial Billing: Dynamic Payment Rescheduling

In the past, Inomial Billing software has automated the creation of scheduled payments for customers with stored payment details during invoice approval. This approach assumes that scheduled payments for future dates will remain valid, and that the customers will not want payments to be made a different way.

However, customers sometimes want to change things. For example, they may wish to make an ad-hoc payment by BPAY, bank transfer or over the phone, with a different payment method to the one they normally use.

Previously, any additional payments or credits added to an account after a scheduled payment was created would not affect the charging of the original scheduled amount, even though that would put the account into credit.

Inomial Billing software now adjusts for new payments applied to an account or invoice and can dynamically cancel or reschedule current scheduled payments as required.

Accounts can be set to either “Schedule Payment of Invoice Amount” (Invoice Mode), or “Schedule Payment of Account Balance” (Account Balance Mode). This is usually done using the Credit Control terms and inherited by the account according to the terms they are on, but can be overridden at the stored payment level on an account.

The two different modes behave differently:

Invoice Mode

In invoice mode, a scheduled payment always relates to a particular invoice, and there can be only one scheduled payment that relates to an invoice. In this mode, the scheduled payment indicator will be tagged to invoices that have a scheduled payment. Only actions that affect an invoice with a scheduled payment will be able to affect the scheduled payment.

Creating a new invoice for a customer with stored payment details will schedule a payment for the unallocated amount of the invoice without reference to the account balance.

Adding a payment or credit to the account will by itself have no effect on the scheduled payments on that account. However, allocating a credit or payment to one or more invoices with scheduled payments will cause those scheduled payments to be reassessed and reduced or removed as required.

Account Balance Mode

In Account Balance mode, scheduled payments don’t relate to a specific invoice or invoices. Because of this, scheduled payment indicators are not tagged to invoices for these accounts. Instead the account summary, at the top left of the screen, will show the total amount of payments scheduled. This is presented under the account balance if there are scheduled payments.

Creating a new invoice for a customer with stored payment details will schedule a new payment for the account balance (after taking into account any already scheduled payments). The date of this scheduled payment will be determined based on the invoice that triggered it and the account’s settings (often based on the due date of the invoice, but dependent on configuration).

New credits or unscheduled payments will cause the oldest scheduled payments that are still current to be reduced or eliminated until the value of the new payments or credits have been consumed.  This happens regardless of whether the new payments or credits are also allocated to specific invoices or debtor items, because in Account Balance mode scheduled payments don’t relate to specific invoices.

Both Modes

In both Invoice Mode and Account Balance Mode, if a debit other than a new invoice (e.g. debit note, receipt reversal, deallocation) is applied, there is no auto adjustment to increase any scheduled payment amounts. This is designed to avoid the situation where a customer would be charged a greater amount than may have been previously advised by automated notifications. The operator adding the debit or reversing the receipt should consider scheduling an additional payment if that is appropriate.

For customers where scheduled payments are supported (see below), their account balance is typically zero with no payments scheduled, or there is a balance with an associated “Payments” amount that is the reverse of that, e.g. a balance of $10 with “Payments” of –$10.00.

Previously, it was not possible to make a payment against an invoice for which a payment is scheduled. This is no longer true.

Requirements for scheduled payments in Inomial Billing

To schedule payments when an invoice is created, the following requirements must be met:

  • The account must have payment details against an eligible payment type. Eligible payment types are those that are associated with online or offline payment gateways.
  • “Scheduled Payment of Account Balance” or “Schedule Payment of Invoice Amount” must be configured, typically by configuring the account’s Credit Control “Automatic Payment Scheduling default” to be set this way, and the account’s payment setting to “Automatic debit behaviour” to “Use Account Terms”.

For assistance with dynamic payment rescheduling, please contact Inomial support.