Automating Payments with Inomial Billing

Automation in Inomial Billing means that customer invoice payment “just happens”. But to happen, a few things need to be in place, as we’ve seen in our previous blog post on Dynamic Payment Rescheduling.

To enable automated payments, we recommend making the following configurations, as highlighted in the screenshots below: 

  • Credit Control, Payments to “Schedule Payment of Account Balance”.
  • Auto payment at the account level to “Use Account Terms”. This provides central control of the automation and generally provides the best experience. This account option is set at account ordering time and is the default. It can be changed later as described below.

These settings are simple and “just work”. If a customer has no registered payment details, then Inomial Billing will be unable to schedule payments automatically, but as soon as they are added automatic payment scheduling will kick in.

There are other Auto Payment Options as shown in the table below. One of these alternatives may be more appropriate if you have an exceptional customer, even if only temporarily.

pro rota

Recently we added an “Edit” link to Account > Payment Settings to provide easy access to change just the Auto Payment settings as highlighted below.

pro rata

flow control

Note: it’s possible to update all accounts to “Use Account Terms” centrally via Credit Control > Payments with the “Make all accounts use Account Terms” button.

credit control

If “Schedule Payment of Account Balance” is not your preference, you can dial up one of the other options in Credit Control and it will apply to all accounts with the relevant Account Terms which have “Use Account Terms” as their Auto Payment Option.

For more assistance with automating payments, please contact Inomial Support.