Introducing Kitty – Customer Access Portal

Kitty is a utility that provides information about a user’s subscription(s). Kitty displays:

  • subscription usage
  • the current account balance and disposition
  • unpaid invoices
  • contact information about the users’ service provider

Kitty may also let a user pay outstanding invoices and purchase prepaid top-ups, if applicable. This document provides information about the functions and information Kitty provides.

The Kitty interface

The Kitty interface consists of 5 sections, each defined by a tab icon at the bottom of the Kitty window. The Kitty sections are:

pro rata Usage
Displays usage graphs for each subscription on an account.
prorata Account
Displays the current balance, disposition and all unpaid invoices for the account.
flow control Contact
Displays contact information for the users’ service provider.
billing software Prepaid Top-up
If applicable, provides access to purchase prepaid top-ups.
billing software Account Settings
Provides access to add and update stored payment details. To access a section, click the relevant icon at the bottom of the Kitty window.


The Account page displays the current account balance, the account disposition and any unpaid invoices for the account.

Restriction: A user can only pay specific invoices or their total account balance. They cannot pay an arbitrary amount of their choosing.

The following screenshot shows an example of the Kitty Account page.

billing cycle

Prepaid top-up

The prepaid top-up page lets a user purchase prepaid data or time top-ups, if applicable to a user’s account. If a user has multiple prepaid services on their account these will be listed individually on the Prepaid Top-up page. If a service has multiple prepaid options to choose from these are displayed during purchase.

The following screenshot shows an example of the Prepaid Top-up page.

recurring billing