Inomial Brings A Smile To Internode’s New Mobile Offering

Inomial recently partnered with Internode, one of Australia’s largest telecommunications carriers, to implement Smile billing as a revenue system for Internode’s new NodeMobile voice offering. Developed by Inomial, Smile helps telcos and ISPs manage their revenue and collections.

Inomial and Internode have created a solution that Internode founder Simon Hackett describes as an “awesome product”. Inomial’s agile development team extended Smile software to meet Internode’s requirements, providing a smooth integration into existing systems. Smile’s flexible configuration supports usage alerts, spend limits and other features to help businesses comply with the TCP code.

NodeMobile debuted in the Australian market on August 14, 2012, and is a post-paid, social media-friendly mobile offering to existing Internode customers. NodeMobile plans include generous included value for voice, data and text, and reduce the risk of bill shock by offering usage alerts for voice and data allowances.

A best-in-class rating engine, flexible configuration, responsive development team and TCP compliance. Now that’s something to Smile about.