Inomial Billing News – August 2018

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prorata Inomial Billing now on Megaport
Inomial Billing has recently completed the implementation of a new 1 Gbps Megaport link to our data centre. A Megaport is a dedicated high speed Ethernet interface that connects to the Megaport™ fabric. Megaport’s Software Defined Network (SDN) based service provides on demand elastic interconnection. Their multi-cloud infrastructure allows high-speed global coverage with scalable bandwidth, continuous private and secure connectivity and multi-region redundancy. We are now peering on MegaIX (Megaport Internet Exchange) in Melbourne and Sydney. This bypasses traditional public internet and provides an alternate, more direct and higher bandwidth path to our customers that also peer on MegaIX or we peer directly with over Megaport. We are also peering with Amazon and Microsoft over Megaport which will increase performance and reliability for customers using our services from AWS and Azure.In cases where customers are not comfortable or unable to pass traffic over the public internet, Megaport allows us to provision a private Virtual Cross Connect (VXC) to any other Megaport connected location locally, interstate or even internationally so they can connect directly to our network.For our non-network technical readers, you’ll just have to take our word on it that this is exciting and really neat technology!
pro rata Purchase orders
Purchase orders can be used to invoice an end-customer for related charges independently of other charges. For example, Inomial Billing can be instructed to generate an invoice for charges on purchase orders separate to other charges that would be raised on the end-customer’s account. Purchase order numbers can be assigned to an account and displayed on invoices and invoice line items so that customers’ accounts payable departments can easily map invoices to purchase orders. A purchase order can specify validity dates and the subscription(s) it is applicable to. A purchase order may be selected manually when raising a manual charge.

prorata Multi-currency support
You can configure multiple currencies in Inomial Billing. Currencies can even be assigned to individual services. When defining a currency you can configure:

  • currency code
  • currency symbol
  • format configuration string
  • decimal places
  • rounding mode
flow control Contacting Inomial Billing
For all support, sales and 24 hour emergency support enquiries please call +61 3 9663 3554
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About Inomial Billing
Inomial by DGIT Systems develops automatic billing and subscription billing solutions for carriers, utilities and enterprises. Our products include Inomial Billing, an integrated AR and recurring billing platform; BigRating, for real-time, scaleable and flexible voice and data rating and invoice generation for any kind of usage; Federadius, for high performance, fault tolerant, distributed RADIUS Authentication, Authorisation and Accounting (AAA); and FlowControl, an integrated NetFlow and SNMP polling collector and aggregator.
Contact DGIT Systems if you’d like to know more about any of Inomial Billing’s latest enhancements and features.
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