Network integration and subscription automation allow for the fast creation of new products, the development of new business models, and radical improvements in customer care.

Develop New Products

Once your network is integrated, it’s easy to develop and quickly deploy new pricing plans, packages, product combinations and more. Smile’s sophisticated integration API allows entirely new network elements to be integrated quickly, enabling fast integration with existing products and very fast time-to-market.

Integrate with Acquisitions

The same integration API makes possible acquisition based growth, by allowing acquired products and services to be quickly integrated into the product catalog, enabling the fast deployment of the acquired assets into the overall product mix. New products and services can be deployed very quickly, even before the acquired business has been fully integrated.

Reduce and Reallocate Costs

Smile software enables low cost operation of subscription service providers through improved billing accuracy and customer self-service. Billing accuracy is improved through the automation of common complex tasks such as early termination charges, pro-rata adjustments and clawbacks. Self-service further improves accuracy by enabling the customer to specify exactly what she wants, when she wants it, with little room for misunderstanding.

A reduced cost model enables organisations to provide innovative, high-touch customer service to those customers who have genuine problems or who require additional support due to their own circumstances. This improves customer satisfaction by making the organisation appear far more responsive to customer needs.

Enhance Compliance and Manage Expectations

Smile’s complex, automatic rules-based policy management and enforcement enables new products and services to be created with automation built-in – reducing revenue and usage leakage, ensuring customer compliance with policies, and reducing disputes. Effective policy enforcement also reduces debtor days and improves cash flow by providing customers with a consistent experience across all products.