Telecommunications + Inomial Software

Inomial has been partnering with the telecommunications industry for over 15 years. As telecommunication requirements have grown broader and more complex, so has Smile software grown into a full-featured, flexible automated billing software and service management solution.

The telecommunications industry is an ever-transforming environment, with the introduction of new access technologies, consumer devices, services, payment methods and content. Inomial’s automatic billing and service management system is flexible enough to handle multiple offerings and changes at an escalating rate. Smile software will keep you competitive and dynamic.

Inomial, as your professional billing systems and service management partner, adds value to your business. Save time and money – increase your revenue, reduce your costs and improve the customer experience. Smile also assists with compliance to the Australian Telecommunications Consumer Protections (TCP) Code, reducing complaints due to billing and payment problems.

flow controlTelecommunication carrier types include:

  • Retail
  • Wholesale

Telecommunication service types include:

  • Fixed line voice
  • Wireless/Mobile (GSM, CDMA, Satellite and others)
  • Termination
  • Post-paid
  • Pre-paid