Industries Suited For Smile Software

When you partner with Inomial you’re joining some of Asia-Pacific’s leading independent ISPs and telcos. But Inomial’s skill and years of experience does not end there. Smile billing systems vendor-neutral design, its ability to successfully integrate with other technologies and applications and an extensive feature list allows for immense flexibility. Smile billing software is well suited for any industry with a requirement for pro rata business software and service management.

Inomial firmly believes that billing as a service is not a one size fits all situation. You can be certain that we have the skill and the experience to make your migration to Smile software a resounding success.

Inomial provides automated billing solutions for:


Wholesale and retail markets
PSTN, mobile and termination
Post and pre-paid
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Wholesale and retail markets
DSL, wireless and WiFi
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Satellite and cable TV
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Digital media providers
Subscription and on-demand
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SaaS, IaaS, PaaS

Software, Infrastructure, & Platform
as a Service
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Other Industries

Serviced offices
Only limited by your needs
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