Future Billing

Many customers will be familiar with the future billing button available at the bottom of a Subscription’s service tab. From Smile 6.0 this can be used to show what charges will be raised on future invoices, but for that subscription only and for non-usage charges only. This is handy for showing the effect of scheduled plan changes, for example, upgrades and downgrades.

billing automation

When using this function, Smile software used to show the cumulative position for future invoices. For example, if the subscription billing was based on a $30 recurring charge, then the first future invoice might show $30, the second $60, the third $90 and so on. This has been changed to show the specific monthly charge, that is, $30, $30 and $30. This makes it much easer to see a change in billing. For example, if after 2 months the subscription is upgraded to a plan with a recurring charge of $40 previously future billing would show $30, $60, $100, $140… Now it will show $30, $30, $40, $40,

Even more useful is the addition of the future billing link to the Unbilled Periods at the bottom of the Account Billing tab. This is effectively the same function as the subscription Future Billing button, but works for the whole account.

automated billing system

This function will be available in Smile software 6.0.