Easy Mobile Data Sharing with Smile Software

In Smile billing, it’s easy to create products where multiple devices all draw from a single, shared pool of data and/or call allowances. This style of billing system is common in the US market and is catching on in Australia. Smile software has supported this feature for many years.

For network operators and layer 2 MVNOs, Smile also supports shared policy management; Smile can automatically apply overage policies (such as traffic shaping, call restriction, or walled gardens) to all of the devices which share a given allowance. Smile software can, of course, also charge for overages where required.

Smile fully supports the Australian TCP code for shared data plans – in fact, any of Smile’s extensive billing or policy features that can be applied to a single device allowance can also apply to a shared allowance.

Shared allowances can also be handy for operators providing network access across multiple network types, such as a monthly data allowance shared between ADSL and Wifi networks. Smile has extensive support for the subtleties of this kind of arrangement.

Finally, Smile supports multi-tiered allowances. For example, each of the 5 devices used by a hypothetical business customer could draw from a shared pool of usage (say, 5 GB per month), but no single device might be entitled to draw more than its own maximum usage allowance (say, 2 GB). If a single device’s allowance is exceeded, only that device is affected; if the shared pool is used up, all devices are affected. Allowances can be nested to any depth, allowing (for example) device, branch, state and total allowances – for incredible flexibility when dealing with large customers.

Configuration and use of these standard Smile software features is straightforward. Contact us now for more information.