Christmas 2018 and New Year Office Arrangements

pro rata

As another end of year approaches, here are the details of Inomial’s support hours and embargo times over the holiday period:

prorata Office closure

Our offices will be closed over the Christmas – New Year period from Saturday 22nd December 2018 through to Sunday 6th January 2019.

We will be open again on Monday 7th January 2019.

prorota Support

Emergency support will remain available for any business critical issues during this period.

In the event that this is required, please call +61 3 9663 3554 and listen to the recorded message.

pro rata Change Management

In line with most of our customers’ procedures, as well as the wider industry, an embargo period will be in place during the period Friday 14th December 2018 though to Sunday 6th January 2019. Any change requests during this period will be reviewed when the office reopens in the new year.

flow control If you have any questions please shoot me a reply, or call me on +61 3 9999 3128.

If I don’t get the opportunity to speak to you personally before, on behalf of us all at DGIT Systems, I wish you a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.


Michael O’Leary