Analytics Reports: Top Customers

The report “Top Customers” provides insight into your customers, both their:

  • Relative spend to each other
  • And their relative spend month on month

Top Customers Report

This report shows the revenue for the given period (in the case shown, the last 12 months) and Account Type (here set as “All Account Types”) for the top n customers (here defaulted to 5). More than 5 customers can make the chart visibly challenging.

billing system

It’s pretty easy to see visually from the above chart that the Pawnee Council account has generated a lot of revenue in the January period (the blue triangle) and prior to that the Novak Djokovic Enterprises account did as well (red triangle) in November, but that revenue did not continue.

Clicking on the chart/table icon (top right):

flow control

shows the underlying data. Increasing the number of customers beyond 5 is no problem in this view (here changed from the default of 5 to 10 in the top right). We can see the numeric value of the two months of the two accounts that caught are eye in the chart: Pawnee Council generated $27,530 in January, and Novak Djokovic Enterprises generated $6,140 in November, but nothing since.

Setting the number of customers filter to a massive number such as 999999, i.e. more that the number of accounts in the system, will generate a billing report of the history of all accounts over the period.

billing cycles

Shows the transactions that make up the number, $27,530, in this case just the one.

And, double clicking on this transaction, takes you to the account and displays the transaction, in this case the Pawnee Council invoice 45205465



Returning to the table and clicking on the red value for Novak Djokovic Enterprises’ $6,140 revenue for December shows that this is made up of many transactions.

pro rata


Note: The “Top Customers” report is based on data that is refreshed typically overnight. This approach makes the report performant but does mean that its data could be as much as one day old. The menu item Analytics > Refreshed fact tables… can be used to immediately update the underlying tables so that a subsequent run of “All Sales, by Month” will be based on more current data. However, Refresh fact tables…, can take quite some time to run, depending on the size of the system’s database. The operator running the refresh will be unable to use Analytics again until the refresh is complete.

billing system