About Inomial

Inomial has been helping telcos and ISPs in the Asia-Pacific region since 1998. Based in Melbourne, Inomial designs, develops, deploys and supports a suite of telco billing, subscription automation, accounting and network monitoring solutions. Inomial provides these products and billing services to telecommunication carriers, internet service providers, TV and digital media distributors, and others.

Through a set of sophisticated, flexible and customisable web-based modular APIs, we help you achieve the goal of zero-touch customer on-boarding, subscription automation, automatic billing and service management.

Ian Fry

Chief Executive Officer

Ian, has been Inomial’s CEO since February 2016. He has a long career in ICT, with a particularly focus on telecommunications and internet delivery with organisations such as Ballarat ICT, FetchTV, Neighbourhood Cable, Chariot NetConnect and Telstra.

His focus is on the profitability and growth of Inomial through strategic management and direction. Ian is driven to make good businesses, great businesses.

Mark Lillywhite

Founder & CTO

Mark founded Inomial in 1998. After previously working as a developer in the healthcare industry Mark became a director of Ballarat NetConnect, a regional Victorian ISP, where he developed his first billing system.

Becoming familiar with the billing and processing challenges faced by other ISPs, after a short return to healthcare, his goal was to create a centralised automated billing system for ISPs of all sizes. Today, Inomial’s flagship product, Smile, is a complete, web-based ordering, accounts receivable, rating, authentication and provisioning system used in multiple industries around the Asia Pacific region.

Mark still contributes to the development of Smile software and drives Inomial’s direction of platform-neutral, infrastructure-inclusive automatic billing solutions.

Richard Giuliano

Vice President International

Richard, Inomial’s Australian and international sales manager since 2011, has more than 25 years product management, marketing strategy and business development experience. He has been involved with multiple industries including IT, telecommunications, finance and retail.

Richard has a particular focus on seeking out opportunities that others may miss. He enjoys doing business across cultural boundaries and is continuing to expand Inomial’s presence in the Asia Pacific region.

Richard has a passion for new technology and innovative products. He also speaks fluent spanish.